CCS University Results 2015 Chaudhary Charan Singh University BA,, Bsc, BBA, BCA Result 2015

CCS University Results 2015 Chaudhary Charan Singh University BA,, Bsc, BBA, BCA Result 2015

Chaudhary Charan Singh (CCS) University Meerut is going to announce the Results of B.Com/ B.Sc/ M.A/ M.Com/ M.Sc/ BBA/LLB Exams Results 2015 on its official website www.ccsuresults.comCCS University Results 2015 of 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year, CCSU B.A Result 2014 will be available on CCSU main portal.MBBS 2 year  results declared on 14/05/2015. BE.d Main 2014 results declared on 05/06/2015

CCS University Results: Last Updated 11-09-2015

CCS University Meerut was conducted regular and private examination of B.A/ B.Com/ B.Sc/ M.A/ M.Com/ M.Sc/ BCA First, Second and third year 2014 in the month of April/May 2014. Right now they are eagerly waiting for UG and PG exam results.

How to Check CCS University Result 2015:
1. Students go the official website
2. Select the particular course for which you want to see the result.
3. Candidates enter the year and Roll Number.
4. Click on the submit button.
5. Now wait for few seconds the result will display on your screen.
6. Take the hardcopy of the result for future use.

CCSU Latest Results 2015

26-12-2015: BE.d Year 2015 results declared released centre-079, 091, 512, 537, 544, 549, 552, 562, 572, 575, 595, 596, 636, 709, 711, 722, 724, 727, 729, 730, 742, 748, 749, 756, 770, 771, 780, 791, 795, 809, 814, 818, 827, 833, 850, 851, 888, 889, 893, 894, 905, 906).

23-12-2015: BE.d Backpaper 2014 Results. 
22-12-2015: BDS Oct 2015 IV BDS OCT 2015 IV Year Released Centre-611

21-07-2015: BE.d  Main Exam-2014 (All Counselling Student -Released Centre- 557, 597, 704, 724, 728, 767, 772, 795, 818 & 893)

05-06-2015: BE.d  Main Exam-2014 (All Counselling Student -Released Centre- 003, 518, 568, 569, 587, 738 & 786)

28-05-2015: BE.d  Main Exam-2014 (All Counselling Student-Detained), BE.d back paper & Ex student 2013

14-05-2015: MBBS 2 Year Results decalred

13-05-2015: MBBS 3 Year  (I Sem) Results decalred

28-03-2015: MBBS 3 Year (II Sem) Results decalred

03-03-2015: M.Sc Home Science II Sem Results

13-02-2015: BDS I & II Year

11-02-2015: BDS III & IV Year

03-12-2014: MA (Sanskrit)-IV Sem Results

28-11-2014: MA II & VI Sem Results

28-11-2014:BCA II, IV, VI & BBA-VI Sem

27-11-2014:MA (Hindi) IV Sem

14-11-2014:MA (English) II Sem, MSc Home Science IV Sem, BSc I & II Sem 

12-11-2014: MA (Geography)-I & II Sem, MA (Political Science) IV Sem

11-11-2014:MSc (Physics) II Sem, BBA IV Sem 

10-11-2014: MBBS I Year

10-11-2014: BCom I Year, BCom III Year, MA (Political Science & Sociology)-II Sem, MA (Economics) IV Sem, BCA II Sem, BCA-IV Sem

09-11-2014: BCA II Sem, BCA IV Sem 

08-11-2014: BBA & BCA VI Sem

07-11-2014:MA (Home Science) - IV Sem 

 04-11-2014:MSc (Microbiology) II Sem

 04-11-2014:MSc (Chemistry) II Sem

 03-11-2014: MSc (Chemistry)-IV Sem, MA (History) Private I Year, MSc (Microbiology)-IV Sem, MSc (Ag) II Sem, BA II Year
31-10-2014:MA (English)-II & IV Sem, MA (Home Science)-II & IV Sem, B.Sc (Microbiology)-I Year, MSc (Biotechnology)-II Sem, M.Lib-I Year, BA I Year, MA (Home Science)-II Sem, MA Drawing & Painting-IV Sem, BSc (Ag)-VI Sem, MSc (Biotechnology)-II Sem.   

 30-10-2014: BA-I Year, MA Home Science-II Sem, MA (Drawing & Painting)-IV Sem, BSc (Ag)-VI Sem, MSc (BioTechnology)- II Sem

 29-10-2014:BBA VI Sem (RC.969)

 28-10-2014:BBA VI Sem (RC.654)

22-10-2014: MSc (Ag.)-II Sem, BA I Year, MCom Private-II Year, BSc (Ag)-II & IV Sem, BSc (Ag) Back Paper-III Year, MA II Sem 

21-10-2014: BSc Nursing-I Year 

20-10-2014: B.A (Private)-I Year

20-10-2014: BBA II Sem, BFA-II Sem, MA (Private) Education-II Year, BPE II & III Year, BSc (Ag) II, IV & VI Sem, BSc (Biotechnology)-II Year, MSc (Statistics)-II Sem   

18-10-2014:BCA IV & VI Sem, BSc Home Science-IV Sem, BCA II Sem  

17-10-2014: B.A-I Year, BCA II Sem 

16-10-2014:M.A IV Sem (Drawing & Painting), English, Geography, Home Science, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Socilogiy, Music. MA IV Sem-Sanskirit, BSc Home Science-II Sem, BSc Microbiology I-III Year, BCA-II Sem, Post Basic Nursing-I Year, BSc (Ag)-IV Sem            

15-10-2014: M.Sc-II Sem (Botany, Chemistry), Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Zoology)

15-10-2014: B.Lib, BBA-IV & VI Sem, BPE-I & II Sem, BSc Home Science-VI Sem, Post Basic Nursing 

12-10-2014:BBM-I Year, BSc (MLT)-I, II & III Year, BSc (RDIT)-I, II & III Year, MSc (Bio-Informatics)-II Sem, MSc (Bio-Chemistry)-II Sem. M.Tech (Bio-Technology)-X Sem, Post Basic Nursing-I Year & II Year, MSc (Home Science)-IV Sem, MPT -I Year (Revised Result)    

11-10-2014:BA(Private)-II Year.

 11-10-2014:B.Sc.(Home Science)-IV Sem, B.Sc.(Microbiology)-II Sem,B.Sc.(Nursing)-I&II Year.

10-10-2014: BJMC-II Sem & IV Sem, MJMC-II Sem, MIB-II Sem, MBE-II Sem, MOT I & II Year, BOT I, II, III Year.MPT II Year, BCA-IV Sem, MSc Biotech-IV Sem, BSc Home Science-II & IV Semester, MSc Home Science II Sem, BSc Home Science (C&D)-II & IV Sem.    

09-10-2014: BPE I Year, MPE I & II Year, B.A.B.Ed (4 Year)-I, II, III & IV Year, B.EI.Ed (4year)-I, II, III. M.Sc Computer Science-II & IV Sem, BSc (Microbiology)-I Year, MSc (Groupcode-7)-I Sem.      

08-10-2014: BSc Nursing I Year, II Year, III Year and IV Year. MSc Nursing I & II Year, MA Private (Education, Hindi, History & Urdu)-II year    

07-10-2014: BCA-II Sem, MPT-I Year II Year, BPT I Year II Year, BBA II Sem, BBA IV Sem, BCA -IV Sem, MA (Economics)-IV Sem, BA II year  

06-10-2014:  B.Sc(Biotechnology)-I Year;M.A.-PRIVATE-(Political Science&Sociology)-I Year;B.Com.(Private)-I&II Year;B.Sc.(A.G.)-II&IV Sem;B.Sc(Microbiology)-II Year;
B.Sc(Computer Science)II&IV Sem

04-10-2014: MCom (Private)-I Year, MA (Private)-Sanskrit-I Year, BA (Private)-III Year     

03-10-2014: BSc (Biotechnology)-II Sem, BBA-VI Sem, MA Private (Economics, English, Political Science, Sanskrit, Sociology)-II year, BCA-IV SEM      

01-10-2014: MSc (Mathematics)-IV Sem, BCA-VI Sem, MA Private (Economics)- I Year, MA Private (Philosophy, Defense Studies, Mathematics)-II Year    

30-09-2014: BSc (Biotechnology)-II Year, MA Private (Hindi & History)-I Year  

30-09-2014: BA-I & II Year, MSc (Ag-Agronomy)-IV Sem, BBA-II,IV&VI Sem, BCA-IV&VI Sem   

29-09-2014: MA (Private)-(Mathematics & Urdu)-I Year, BA I Year, BCom I Year 

28-09-2014:BBA II Sem

 27-09-2014:BBA IV Sem

 27-09-2014:MA (Economics)-IV Sem, MSc Ag-IV Sem, BSc Computer Science-VI Sem, BA-I Year

 26-09-2014: M.Sc (Chemistry)-IV Sem, BPT-IV Year, III Year, BA-I Year  
 24-09-2014: LLB (5 Year)- II, IV & VIII Sem, MJMC -IV Sem, MIB-IV, MBE-IV Sem, BCA-IV Sem, BCA-IV Sem

24-09-2014: BA I Year, MSc Mathematics-IV Sem

23-09-2014: BCom II Year, I Year, BCA & BSc (Home Science) VI Sem, MA I Sem

23-09-2014: MA Private (English & Philosophy) I Year 

22-09-2014: BPT III Year, IV Year, MA Private Education & Defense Studies-I year 

20-09-2014: MSc (Ag), IV Sem GC-21, MSc VI Sem GC-01/07, BCom I year, BLib I Year, BA I Year, BA II Year, BSc I Year, BFA III Year, MA Dec 2013-I Sem, BCA Dec 2013-III Sem 

20-09-2014: MA (Education, Economics, Phiosophy, Urdu, Sanskirit, Def Studies-VI Sem, BBA VI Sem, BBA (Dec 2013) I Sem, BCA (Dec-2013) III Sem   

19-09-2014: BBA VI Sem, BBA (Dec-2013)-ISem, BCA (Dec-2013) III Sem 

18-09-2014: BSc (Home Science)-VI Sem, BCA VI Sem

17-09-2014: MSc All Subject IV Sem,MSc (Ag) IV Sem, BCA-VI Sem

16-09-2014:BA I Year/II Year, MSc (Microbiology) IV Sem,BLib-I Year, BPED June 2013 I Year, MA Political Science Dec-2013 I Sem, MCom (Private) II Year, MSc (Bio-Inforamatics)-IV Sem 

15-09-2014: MCom II & IV Sem, BA (Private) III year, MSc Chemistry I Sem, BPED June 2013 I Year, BCA VI Sem   

12-09-2014: BA I Year, BSc (Home Science)-VI Sem, MSc (Micobiology) IV Sem, BSc Home Science & Clinical Nutrition) VI Sem  

12-09-2014: B.Lib I Year, BSc (Microbiology) III Year, BCA VI Sem, BBA VI Sem, MSc (Biotechnology) IV Sem, MCom II & IV Sem, MCom II & IV Sem, BPEd June 2013

11-09-2014: MCom II Sem 

10-09-2014: BPEd & MPEd I Year (June 2013), BCA VI Sem, BA III Year, MSc (Bio chemistry)-IV Sem,B.Lib I Year

09-09-2014: BSc (PH, HE & Sports)-I Year & II Year, BSc Microbiology III Year, BSc (Biotechnology) III year, BBA VI Sem, BCA VI Sem, BA II Year, BSc I Year 

07-09-2014: BFA I Year, BFA II Year, BFA III & IV Year, BPE II & III Year, BSc I Year

04-09-2014: BSc (Computer Science) VI Sem, MCom IV Sem, MSc (Ag) IV Sem

 04-09-2014: BBA VI Sem, BA (Private) III Year

04-09-2014: BCA VI Sem, BCom I Year, BCom II Year, BA II Year, BA II Year

01-09-2014: BCA VI Sem , BA III Year, B.A II Year, BCom I year, MA Hindi  I Sem, BCA V Sem, BSc Home Science- V Sem Results 

31-08-2014: B.A Private III Year Results 

31-08-2014: LLM II Year, LLB (5 year) III Sem, BSC Home Science, BPEd June 2013 Results

30-08-2014: BCom-I Year, BA II Year Results 

29-08-2014: LLB 5 year VI Semester and X Sem Results 

29-08-2014: BCom-III Year, BA II Year, BA III Year Results 

28-08-2014: BCom-III, BCom II Year, BA III Year, BA II Year, BSc III Year, BPEd June 2013 Results 

26-08-2014: BA-II Year Results 

26-08-2014: BA-III Year, BSc II Year and BCom II Year Results 

25-08-2014: BA-III Year Results 

24-08-2014: LLB-I Year Results 

23-08-2014: BA- III year Results 

20-08-2014: MBBS-I & II Year, BCom- III year Results 

19-08-2014: MBBS III Year-I, B.Sc-III year Results 

12-08-2014: MBBS III Year-II Results 

12-08-2014: Revised Results declared B.Sc III Year    

03-08-2014: Results declared B.Sc II Year    

02-08-2014: B.Sc III year, BCom III Year, BCom II Year  results declared    

01-08-2014: Results declared B.Sc III Year   

31-07-2014: Results declared B.Sc (Ag)-IV Year, BCom III year, BCom II year   

30-07-2014: Results declared BCom (Private) III year

28-07-2014: LLB II year, BSc (Ag) IV Year 

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